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2009-02-21, 23:03
I'm running the latest SqueezeCenter for my Infrant/Netgear ReadyNAS NV+ served Squeezebox 1 (pre-ordered, so it would be an early unit) and I don't think I've manually updated firmware in a few years. It just occurred to me that I used to do that by holding down the brightness button each time I upgraded. I tried that again and nothing happened. I looked in the latest SqueezeCenter release notes and see Squeezebox 2 & 3 firmware numbers, but nothing for the original Squeezebox - or information on how to do firmware updates. The Squeezebox is running version 40 of the firmware. Should I be updating my firmware, and if so, how? Thanks!

2009-02-21, 23:08
schalliol wrote:
> Squeezebox 1

> Should I be updating my firmware, and if so, how? Thanks!

I'm pretty sure that the SB1 firmware has not been updated in years. The
SB1 had very limited memory and microcontroller power, so it couldn't do
much. The major goal of the SB2 upgrade was to have more memory and CPU
power so it could do cool stuff.

If its early, then its probably pre-G, with the fixed segment display.

Its an antique and soon to be collector's item.

Pat Farrell

2009-02-22, 01:49

the last time i read about this: http://forums.slimdevices.com/showthread.php?t=56476

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2009-02-22, 01:54
addon: even the latest development (http://svn.slimdevices.com/slim/7.4/trunk/server/Firmware/) includes v40 for the squeezebox 1, so you have nothing to do...

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