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2009-02-21, 19:12

I am new here, and yet to purchase my Squeezebox. I was hoping to get some advice on a suitable AV receiver - appreciate you get this all the time!

I have two outdoor spaces sitting adjacent to one another; patio and pool. Both sit up against the house, so had plans to mount speakers into the eaves - 2 in each section (4 in total). The sound will definitely carry across, so will treat the area as one large zone (single audio source) but I would like to be able to mute each speaker set when required.

I really like the Niles OS5.3 for the spaces for price and specs, and they seem to get a really good wrap. Any experiences?

I am looking for some advice on a receiver/amp to run the kit. I have looked at the Sherwood RX5502, Sherwood RX4109, Denon DRA500AEBK. I am a little lost with which receiver to go for. I am looking for something $299-450AUD. Any advice?

The source of audio will be a Logitech Squeezebox Duet.

Any input/advice would greatly appreciated.

Thanks heaps

2009-02-21, 20:36
I probably wouldn't use a home theater receiver for driving outdoor speakers like that. I would probably just get a simple integrated amplifier.

Something like this: (there are a bunch like this) You should be able to find something in the USD $100-200 range.

And the passive volume controls for each speaker pair for muting:

They are priced USD $60-200 depending on if you want simple control, or remote IR based controls.

2009-02-22, 07:54
I agree completely with SuperQ. A standard 2-channel amp will suffice. I have that same AudioSource amp driving my 2 pairs of indoor ceiling speakers. Because sound dissipates so much outside you might want to consider something with a little more power than the AudioSource Amp 100, assuming that your speakers can handle it. There is an Amp 200 model that might be good.

I also second having the inline volume controls, with separate controls for each pair. That way you can get the balance you want in different parts of the zone. While you can control the overall volume with the SB Controller, you'll appreciate being able to turn the sound down without reaching for the remote. If you only have 2 pairs of speakers and each pair is the same model, you don't strictly need impedance matching volume controls, but go ahead and spend the few extra dollars to get them. That way you can accommodate additional speakers later if you want to.

I suggest setting your SB to maximum volume, and with the in-line controls at their max, set the amp volume control to the loudest level you would ever want (or to where the amp starts clipping, whichever is lower). Then the inline controls will give you the full control you need, and you can leave the SBC and amp volume controls alone.