View Full Version : r3993 - Boom Line In Level setting buggy

Mark Lanctot
2009-02-20, 15:44
On r3993, I just tried adjusting a Boom Line In Level and it behaved very strangely. I assumed I could increase or decrease it with the volume control, no dice. (This makes sense because if Boom was playing, I'd still want volume control).

So I tried adjusting it with the wheel. I didn't think it worked at first but it did - just very strangely. When I turned the wheel several times, a "toast" popup appeared indicating that Line In Level had changed to 51. Then the popup scrolled away as I continued spinning. I spun the wheel all the way around again and another popup came up...58 now. And so on and so on...it took a very long time to reach 100.

It would make more sense to have the popup stay up and the number count up or down rapidly if the wheel is spun rapidly.

I searched for a bug listing this and didn't find it. I'll post one shortly unless I'm doing something wrong or there are any objections.