View Full Version : Squeezebox Accessories for Sale at slimdevices.com (US only)

2009-02-20, 12:33
Want a second Controller charging cradle in another part of the house? Dog ate your Boom remote? Want to rack mount your Transporter? Need to hang your Boom under the kitchen cabinets?

You can now find the Squeezebox accessories for these needs at


You can also buy AC adapters for a Boom or a Receiver from this web page. Please note that anything with an AC adapter, including the Controller charging cradle, does not come with AC prongs; those must be purchased too.

We can only ship items purchased from this page to locations in the United States only. We are continuing to work on getting these accessories available for sale from Logitech.com.


2009-12-06, 00:13
The Squeezebox store is being moved to Logitech's main store at www.logitech.com. Unfortunately, accessories are not available at this time.

We're working on having them available at www.logitech.com worldwide.

We apologize for the inconvenience.