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2009-02-20, 11:15
Hi chaps, this has kind of been covered before but I can't see the exact solution. I'm running Squeezecenter on an imac with Leopard 10.5.6 and have managed to "lose" my playlists.

I run two itunes libraries, one lossless the other MP3. I swapped round the default itunes library with the other library (to successfully sync a Blackberry Storm).

Thereafter in order to see artwork, I found I needed to use the folder location in the "basic settings" tab rather than the "itunes" tab.

Any ideas please? Thx.

2009-02-20, 12:38
My guess is they are probably gone. The playlists are embeded in the xml file and if you clear the library and rescan, iTunes creates a new xml file and they are gone. The way around this is to backup your playlists as soon as you create them. Click on your playlist and select export song list, this way even if your xml file gets messed up you can import your playlists.


2009-02-21, 08:13
Thanks for the reply. I don't need to recover the old playlists. Squeezecenter simply cant find any at all even brand new ones, For example I created a playlist called "Test Playlist 12345" and SC could not fin it even after a complete cleanr and re-scan. Through spotlight I found an xml file with "Test Playlist 12345" but I don't what do do next?

2009-02-21, 13:23
Sorry, I misunderstood your problem, after re-reading your op it appears you are making the switch from having iTunes control your SC library to SC controling it. I did this a while back and it works great except SC can not read the playlists created in iTunes. My work around for this is a program called iTunes export (google search, not sure about a mac version) that lets you export playlists from the xml file to m3u files which SC can read. So the process is - create your playlists in iTunes, run the iTunes export to create m3u playlist files and store them in a playlist directory, in SC basic settings point SC to your playlist directory. Rescan. Hope this helps.


2009-04-03, 21:05
iTunes Export worked for me! Great stuff! Many thanks!