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2009-02-18, 17:40
Hello All,

I just wanted to put out a note to users who may have there music stored on Seagate drives. I tuned on my external enclosure the other day and the drive would not get recognized by my PC. It became a brick. PC would not see it. Tried another pc...no difference

My 4 drives are Seagate’s 7200:11 Barracuda 1TB sata drives (only 4 months old) and taken from there website there are issues with the firmware which may turn it into a brick. They say its s small amount of drives but 4 of my 4 are affected and there are almost 40+ page threads on their forums with these issues.

Luckily a have a b/u but these are also on affected / defective drives. Right now they are at Seagate Data Recovery Company to restore them. Hope all goes well 2300 cds were dumped on them

The info can be seen at the below link.


I just wanted to spread the word to help owners protect themselves from potential data loss.

If affected be sure to b/up now and follow the above link.
(you should always have a backup)

I will update once I see what I get back from data recovery. Cross my fingers..

Very Scary!!!
- - - mo

2009-02-18, 20:53
Yup, this has been posted about just about everywhere for months. They finally released the updated firmware for my 8x 1T ES.2 drives in one of my servers.

Thankfully Seagate's hardware is pretty rock solid. If they had just been more open about the firmware issue instead of trying to paper over it this wouldn't have been the big deal it turned into.

Mark Lanctot
2009-02-19, 06:38
I remember reading about severe problems caused by firmware in their 1.5 TB drives as well.


2009-02-19, 11:39
Yea, I have 4x 1.5Tb drives - but before I installed them, I made sure they were updated with the correct firmware.

The problem is that most users have no idea what a firmware update is.
Even those that do, don't know if they need one or not.

Seagate have screwed up on this one.