View Full Version : Incorrect album art in Album search mode

2009-02-18, 15:43
I noticed that sometime the album art in the 'album search' is wrong. E.g. 'R.Kelly' gets a 'Sade' cover. When I switch to "now playing" to get the full size cover it's correct. It affects roughly 3% of all album art images. Anyone having the same problem?


P.S. latest version of software and firmware are installed.

2009-02-19, 13:38

I also have the same problem and would appreciate if anyone can suggest a fix. I have done clear library and rescans but the problem persists.

2009-02-19, 14:58
What system are you running Squeezecenter on? (Windows, Mac, Linux).
How are you controlling when this happens, is it through a web browser?
I've had similar issues when using the web interface (from Firefox). If that's the case, try clearing the cache in the browser.
You might also try a full rescan, and then clear the cache in the browser.

2009-02-19, 15:43
I am using Windows XP and Firefox, i have seen this issue on both firefox (Squeezecentre) and the Controller. I will do as you suggest and see if it improves.


2009-02-19, 16:37
Just to update you it worked......thank you......having cleared the cache i did a clear library and rescan and this certainly cleared up SC, the controller i also connected to squeezenetwork which i think cleared its cache as when i reconnected to the home system (SC) and went to view my music library it started refreshing all the album art and all the album art is now correct.