View Full Version : iLibs to manage large iTunes music library

2009-02-18, 14:58
I found a product called iLibs (http://www.copytrans.net/ilibs.php) by accident and quickly found that it solved a problem that I was having managing iTunes & my Squeezebox Duet. Squeezebox Duet only supports one music folder - in my case, my iTunes folder. I wanted to be able to continue to add music to iTunes and exceed the 160 gig limit if my classic iPod.
So my issue wasn't having multiple people with multiple iPods using the
same computer to sync to the same library - what iLibs was designed for.
In my case I am the only one using my laptop but I have a 160 gig
iPod classic, a 2 gig Nano (for audio books) and the Squeezebox Duet -
all accessing the same library. No problem - iLibs works fine for this.
I just set up a Squeezebox library into which I dump all new CDs. I then set up three users using iLibs, one for the main libary that the Squeezebox Duet uses, one for the iPod classic, a smaller, subset of the main, larger library and one for my Nano. Switching back and forth with iLibs is a snap.