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Neil Davidson
2004-05-10, 15:35
Someone pointed these out a long long time ago, but I've kept it book marked


no idea about quality or volume, but depending on the application, it is
likely to be more than adequate.

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Hi Chris,

On May 10, 2004, at 12:37 PM, Chris Caldwell wrote:

> I'm not near the Squeezebox right now, but I think it's pretty straight
> forward. Maybe I'm not doing this right, but in the past I could.
> Down Arrow to:
> Browse Genres.
> Right Arrow to any genre.
> Play.
> At this point any shuffle options only affect the first artist in the
> list. If I use the web broswer to connect to the server interface, it
> does show that all artists in the genre have been added to the players
> playlist.

This works as expected for me. Maybe when you get in front of your
player you can try it and give some more detailed examples.

> On a completely unrelated note, my girlfriend loves the Squeezebox and
> wants me to get a couple more since we've ripped both of our CD
> collections to disk. One application I was looking at was for our
> patio.
> I'm guessing the Squeezebox couldn't drive unpowered outdoor speakers?
No, you'll need an external amplifier. Powered speakers work well,
although I don't know of any that are safe for the outdoors.
Otherwise, an inexpensive receiver makes a good amplifier and is often
cheaper than trying to buy a standalone amp.