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Kevin Walsh
2004-05-10, 12:28
Kevin Walsh [kevin (AT) cursor (DOT) biz] wrote:
> > This would be something that could quite readily be done with the
> > existing skin system, either in PDF or HTML. And it could just be a
> > link in the web interface.
> >
> > There might be a bit of tweaking needed in Perl to add some missing
> > data, I (or another one of the devs) could help with that.
> >
> > Anybody care to take this on?
> >
> Here's a hacked-up PDF creator to get someone started.
> Just change the $dbname and $pdfname variables and run it to see
> what it comes out like at the moment. It's pretty basic but it's ok as a
> prototype.
I had a bit of spare time today, so I modified the PDF music catalogue
creator script and uploaded the new version onto my RTFM website's
downloads page.

Anyone who's interested can get the script from here:


Read the comments at the top of the file before you run it, as there
are some prerequisite Perl modules that you may need to install, and
there are some variables that you will need to tweak.

Only tested and "supported" on Linux. In a world without walls and
fences there's no need for windows nor gates.

I don't use "album art", so I've not implemented that at all. Any
patches to support this, or the other TODO items listed in the comments,
will be welcome.

Have fun.

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