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Luke Redpath
2009-02-17, 09:27
I've just pushed a new post to my blog about the current state of Squeemote and in particular, device synching.


Thanks for your patience waiting for the new release.

In case you missed it, Squeemote now has a home at http://lukeredpath.co.uk/squeemote


Luke Redpath
2009-02-18, 20:30
Good news: I've made a lot of progress on Squeemote this week and am hopeful that I can submit a new release to Apple this weekend. Here's the preliminary changelog:

* Added support for device synching
* Devices can now be powered on/off
* New quick device switching interface from Now Playing screen
* Added browse by genre
* Tab order can be rearranged (order will be saved when Squeemote is closed)
* Improved data caching mechanism. Data is now initially cached on first load, and future cache updates are automatically downloaded in the background if a server rescan has taken place since the cache was last updated. Manual resyncs are no longer necessary
* Cache the artists list for improved performance
* Improved support for servers with authentication enabled when auto-detecting server, with a simple authentication dialog (no manual settings required other than username/password)
* Fixed bug where Squeemote would stop receiving updates after being locked for a period of time