View Full Version : SB version 3 keeps resetting

2009-02-13, 06:18
December 2008 I started having problems with the unit resetting it self, like when you disconnect the power supply - so I checked the powersupply but it was Ok outputtin 5,2V an above 2A. Then the unit somehow got its MAC address changed.... I gues this must have happened during a firmware update but I am not shure.

I solved th problem with the MAC address and updated to squeezecenter Version 7.3.2 and everything worked flawlessly for about 48 hours or so, then the unit started rebooting, like when the power is first connected. Meaning the Unit first roles on the Logitech logo then the Slimdevice logo, then the unit turns off and start over agin. And I'm not able to connect to the unit through the squeezecenter. the Unit does'nt show on the the squeezecenter "choose player" tab.

I have had the unit on another power supply (I have 2 Units) but same same.
Any ideas of how to solve this

2009-02-13, 09:34
It sounds like the unit is going bad. It could also be a loose connection inside it. The CPU board and wifi board are plugin modules. It may be worth opening it and making sure that everything is plugged in securely.