View Full Version : SqueezeBox Controller as Alarm Clock

2009-02-12, 05:54
Now that extra cradles are available I'm thinking of using my SBC as a bedside alarm clock. I could then use my Boom in another room. Has anyone has much success doing this?

I expect the issues may be:

1) Screen being too bright for bedside use.

2) No backup alarm should SC fail.

3) Volume of alarm not being loud enough.

I'd appreciate other people thoughts & comments on this.

2009-02-12, 06:16
2 and 3 are the issues, screen can be seen just fine you can lower screen brightness a lot and the clock mode is mostly black anyway.
But you have to choose and anoying enough soundeffect with a lot of power in the right frequency range to stand a chance of hearing it if you are sleepy.
The output of the internal speakers is not that loud.
The alarm works but i'm unsure if it's ok if you are sleeping.

As the speaker is not loud enough, it kinda explains why no dev have cared to develop any backup alarm for it, if it can't be heard why bother.

maybe a dyi cradle with some kind of horn borrowed from an old phonograph ;-)

2009-02-12, 06:18
screen can be seen just fine

That was my issue! Is it not *too* bright for bedside use?

2009-02-12, 09:51
3) Volume of alarm not being loud enough.

I haven't tried this, but what about using the headphone jack connected to a small set of powered speakers. Loud enough and volume control if the alarm will sound out to the headphone jack.

2009-02-12, 12:54
That was my issue! Is it not *too* bright for bedside use?

The lowest screen brightness then ? and the clock is mostly black, you have to try yourself.
Do your remember the hilarious tread when one guy was woken up in full panic mode when the SB3 display twinkled an error msg :) (he described the event as a blitzkrieg ) so it is in the eye of the beholder .
If you are sensitive.

Using pc speaker looks clunky ? but why not. could use a long wire an place them somewhere proper.
Anyway then one must wait until controller player is fully reliable and always is available (one bug ) and can always switch on the headphone socket (another bug ) and if you want SN to wake up you have to wait for it to be implemented (not bug but not done yet ).