View Full Version : FireFox error connecting to SqueezeCenter

2009-02-11, 14:01
I just started receiving a busy script error ("Script: http://<servername>:9000/html/js-browse.html?r=24695:1453") with FF on my Windows Vista box. This just started and I have no problem accessing SC from IE7 on the same box or from FF on a Kubuntu Hardy system.

I'm running SC 7.3.2 on a headless Ubuntu Hardy server.

Any suggestions gratefully appreciated.

TIA, Dave

2009-02-11, 14:46
Don't know how/why, but the problem went as mysteriously as it came.

2009-02-11, 16:45
FF can be somewhat paranoid about "busy" scripts.

Basically, it has a timer and if the script runs "too long", it complains. But it neglects to figure out "oh, wait, the script is running too long because I am running a bunch of stuff in the background". Ie, it is measureing 'real time' not 'cpu time of the script', so a slow or just plain busy machine will trigger it.

I get it periodically at slashdot when I have a bunch of things going on... I just click the continue and go on (it beats the old behavior where a loop in a script would drag the browser to its knees while it tried to figure things out..)

2009-02-12, 09:31
about:config dom.max_script_run_time can be set to a larger value to reduce this problem.