View Full Version : Sound disappeared on the controller?

Loek Rots
2009-02-10, 01:48

My controller (1 week old) has lost its sound! No system sounds or playback music sound anymore. Strange thing is that I do have those sounds when plugging in a headphone (I have the sound BETA thing enabled).

Now I discovered this in the morning. Some details:

- Alarm-clock was running (backup-sound) as configured (but didn't make sound)
- The controller had been in the craddle for 2 days

Already tried:

Switching on and off
Disabling playback on controller
Reinstalling latest firmware

No succes! Might the speaker be broken or is this a software problem. Any help appreciated!

2009-02-10, 02:44
I have a similar problem.
After updateing to the latest controller-firmware the controller rebooted and everithing worked fine (sound on controller and after plugging in the headphone, i could hear the sound on the headphone).
A hour later I switched the controller off and on while the headphone was plugged in. After this restart i am only able to hear the sound on the integrated speaker of the controller - no sound on the headphone anymore.

I tried to
-plug in/out the headphone
-restart the controller
-reinstall the latest update (FirmwareVersion:0, Software Version: 7.3 r3993)

maybe the headphone-plug-switch in the controller is broken (i cant believe)
or the there is a software-problem!!

Loek Rots
2009-02-10, 11:07
well here is an update, I managed to get the speakers working again.

I switched of the BETA option and pressed the home button for 3 seconds. Then the controller went off.. making a sound!

THen turning it back on I still had sound, though it sometimes was gone and back again. Strange.

I think it has something to do with the headphone connector.. it looks like it doesn't always react to a jack plugged in or not. That might be a hardware problem (which would be a real big problem) or it might be a software problem..

dunno but I'm feeling I am not gonna use the connector much because it 'feels buggy'.

2009-02-10, 18:34
when you look at:
you can see that theoratically it can be a hardwareproblem. but by reading this forum for two months i can say that practically it is a softwareproblem.

for me the problem was the other way around. it was impossibel to get sound on the headphone.

It must be not so hard for the softwareboys of slimdevices to make an option in the menu and force the controller to switch between speaker and headphone.
now i have changed the software of my controller (Bjorn55 wrote a how to do in the forum; the so called inserted = 1 fix) and the speaker is always off and headphone always on.