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Michael Dubno
2004-05-07, 11:42
I generate some low bitrate wav files on-the-fly and then send a url
pointing to them to the player and it doesn't play correctly. If the file
is played from the local file system of the player, it works.

Issues -

1. It would be great if wav files would simply play natively regardless
of their bitrates.
2. It seems that the convert.conf doesn't operate on files that are
referenced by urls.
3. It would be nice to only run a conversion of files below a certain

(This is all for my little speech to slim home automation software that I'm
working on.)

Thanks - Mike

Pat Farrell
2004-05-18, 14:59
At 04:59 PM 5/18/2004, Michael Dubno wrote:
>Repeating the questions/ideas since no one responded Lů
>1. It would be great if wav files would simply play natively
>regardless of their bitrates.

As others have said, I assume you mean low sample rates.
PCM (wav) files don't have bit rates the way MP3 files do.

If the files are just short vocal instructions, why not just record them at
and be done? Even mono should work. Disks are free these days.
What is the advantage of low sample rates?

The telco folks use low sample rates since telephones are low-fi devices.
But they also argue about which "law" to use during encoding and playback
so they can squeeze vocal streams into 64 kbits per second.
Even low-res MP3s are typically 32kbytes a second, which is
four times more than the telco folks use.

I don't understand what problem you are trying to solve.
If you need to resample existing files, say because they are JFK's
inaugural speach and irreplaceable, there are lots of tools that
do it.

I'm much more interested in having a SqueezeBox support much
higher sample rates, as used by DVD-Audio and most current
recording studios. Low rates is going the wrong direction IMHO.