View Full Version : Dead SB 3

2009-02-08, 13:02
I saw that few had similar problem. Before stoped, comp showed SQEEZE.exe error. SB was freezed. After unpluging power cord lost all info from screen. Now, whan I plug cord, nothing shows on screen, remote don't do thing, no reset, no nothing! Only red light can be seen from depth of optical out, and it becomes warmer.
Any suggestions?
Best regards, Ivan

2009-02-08, 14:10
Have a look at this thread http://forums.slimdevices.com/showthread.php?t=49785

2009-02-08, 14:33
TNX, usefull, just to try to find someone with this gadget to try pwr...TNX

2009-02-08, 19:52
Or call support and they'll take you through troubleshooting.

2009-02-13, 02:21
UNFORTENATLY, nothing changed after pluging other power adapter!!! I thought maybe it will be same as descrribed in this thread, but....
I am returning it to Logitech service so....
Thank you all for fast reply!