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2004-05-06, 15:16
Thanks for noticing. Amazon has the corrected text but haven't posted it



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> FYI: Both the wired and wireless descriptions on Amazon don't have the quotes
> properly displayed.
> (e.g. "It has won many award including “Best of Show” ...")
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> Subject: [slim] Amazon.com and Squeezebox
> Hi Folks,
> Just wanted to let you know that Squeezebox is now listed on Amazon.com
> in the US.
> Feel free to jump over and add a Squeezebox to your wish list, use
> those Amazon.com gift certificates. Also, if you like the product,
> feel free to review it and let the world know what you think.
> Orders placed through Amazon.com still ship from our World Headquarters
> in Mountain View, California. (The prices are the same as ordering
> directly from us, but Amazon.com get a cut...)
> Thought you'd like to know.
> -dean
> p.s. Don't forget, Mother's Day and Father's Day are coming up!
> Squeezebox makes a great gift! :)