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Pat Farrell
2004-03-15, 11:22
Quoting : "Robert P. Goldman" <rpgoldman (AT) sift (DOT) info>
>I am in agreement with most of your comments, with the exception of
>the above statement. Multiple artists, genres, etc. are NOT user
>extensions: they are explicitly called for in the standard.

I stand corrected. Thanks. Missed that

> >From 4.2, Text information frames:
>"All text information frames supports [sic] multiple strings, stored
>as a null separated list, where null is reperesented by the
>termination code for the charater [sic] encoding."[1]
>[1] Is it just me, or does the level of misspelling in this document
>give anyone else the same icky feeling?

In general, I have a icky feeling about this whole "standard"
as it seems to be completely self defined, not part of
a W3C or IETF standards process. The
the document is sadly lacking technical clarity. It is not
at all clear how you combine null terminated strings with
Unicode encoding, which is critical to non-Western
character sets.

Also missing is any reference to who supports it as a standard,
how the standard was defined, how it is modified, etc. Let alone
things like reference implementations, test verification suites, etc.
That, plus your noted spello, typos, etc. make me question how
much credibility it has as a real standard.


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