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2009-02-07, 14:26

I'm a frustrated duet user since about one year. I really have a hate/love relation with the duet ....

Recently I bought a second duet. I installed this second duet in an other room. Since I had mayor problems connecting wireless to SN with this new duet I thought it was related to my wireless network and so I bought a wireless extender and high range antenna's ...
Although this gave a boost to the range of my wireless network this brought no solution for my problems with the new duet.

Finaly I placed my old duet in the new room and to my surprise this works fine. So I think I can conclude that my new duet is not working properly ?

Could this be due to malfunction of the new duet ? Anybody same experience ?
Are their several hardware versions of the duet ?
Or could this be related to 'settings' of the new duet ?

For your information: I only use SN (never SC), I updated the software , wireless signal strenght 75%.

With the new duet I noticed: frequent re-buffering and sudden drops in the wireless signal strenght (dropping to 6 or 2 %). This is not at all happening with the duet I own for about a year.

Maybe someone has an idea ?

Best greetings to you all,

Frank (I'm living in Belgium, Europe)

2009-02-07, 15:41
You need to give us the SC version you are running & the firmware release on each of your 2 Duets (Settings/Advanced/About)
This will then enable the forum members to be able to respond with appropiate help.

2009-02-07, 18:53

I'm completely lost ...I tried to assign a fixed IP adres to my new duet receiver and controller as suggested somewhere on this forum... this didn't work out ...
I removed the music system (the new duet) from squeezenetwork.com, performed factory reset on the controller and got the red flashing light on the receiver, this is what happens on the controller:
-it asks language
-let's get started ...
-wireless region: europe
-wireless networks: 'my SSID' is displayed and I click it
-connecting to 'my SSID'
-adress problem, there was a problem obtaining DHCP address on your network
Try again
Self assign adress
Use a static adress
-I choose 'use a static address' and enter 192 168 000 190 as controller IP
-I enter subnet, gateway and DNS server
- It tels me "connected to 'my SSID' " (I did not had to give my WEP key ?!)
- set up receiver
squeezebox 'the mac adres new receiver is displayed'
- IP address
I enter : 192 168 000 197
- "connecting to 'my SSID'
and I get 'Couldn't conect your Squeeze box to your wirelss network. (lost connection)


I never had to enter my WEP key ? Of Player Pin ?

SC 7.3.2 - 24695

2009-02-08, 08:53
My advise is to just let it get its own DCHP address from your router at 1st whilst you set it up etc. If you have already assigned a fixed DCHP address to this Duet in your Router, just delete it. Maybe even turn off WEP/WPA security if you have it turned on whilst you set it up so you can take it one stage at the time.
Just start with everything as standard settings etc. You may have made a setting change on your router that is causing a conflict.

2009-02-08, 10:03

As you suggested I started all over.
I'm trying already the whole WE (day and night); I've come to a point I'mseriously considering to destroy both my duets and buy a sonos sytem ...

Hardresetted my router and started with a new SSID.
Like this I was able to configure my new duet and it works more or less.

However on the other duet (after factory reset) I can choose my network but it never asks my encryption key ... how can I add this in the controller ? I remember that when starting up the controller for the very first time it did ask my encryption code but now it does not. How can I really bring the controlller back to "factory state" ?

I'm afraid that if I configure everything without a encryption key I will never be able to add the key in the Squeeze box receiver/controller ...


2009-02-09, 02:10
You should contact support - last year there were two or three reports on the forum of controllers with antenna problems (e.g. connection range was v. short) which seemed to be a hardware fault.

If it is a hardware problem then it is through support that you will get a replacement.