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2009-02-07, 06:54
I wouldn't mind remotely controlling volume control of my amp. I don't use the variable output on the SB. I have a couple of IR blaster wires. Amplifier is Audiolab 8000Q. Whilst I'm at it may do the other room, which is Lexicon MC-1. How would I do this, I guess use some kind of plugin? Using the SB remote volume via the plugin/hardware to control each zone (for that SB which is receiving IR signals) would be pretty neat.

Mark Lanctot
2009-02-07, 12:31
The IR Blaster plugin uses the IR blaster hardware, but it may not do what you want.

I don't know every single function of IR Blaster, so I could be wrong, but it uses one or a string of IR commands when the SB is turned on. It's meant on startup to turn on your amp, select the appropriate input, activate a certain mode, etc. Once these startup commands are activated, it goes inactive, so (at least the way I used it) you couldn't adjust the amp volume with the SB volume control.

As I stated, I could be wrong, but this isn't the way it worked for me at least.

2009-02-07, 12:52
IR-Blaster has mappable events for volume up and volume down, and can be configured to leave the SB volume fixed, so it should do exactly what you want.

2009-02-07, 13:02
thanks but which one?

Provides a web configuration interface to allow control of other components via an IR emitter. Uses the IR Blaster feature in SB2/3 and Transporter. Description Felix Mueller 5.4 SB2/SB3 FW>=23 SC>=6.2.x Transporter FW>=10 SC>=6.5 2008-07-26

IR-Blaster (Learning)
In case you cannot find a matching config file for IR-Blaster on http://www.lirc.org you can use this wizard to learn from your original remote. Description Felix Mueller 5.4 SB2/SB3 FW>=29 SC>=6.2.xTransporter FW>=10 SC>=6.5 2008-07-26

IR-Blaster (Repeater)
IR commands received by SB2/3 are repeated by IR-Blaster allowing you to hide all other equipement except SB2/3 or Transporter. Description Felix Mueller 5.4 SB2/SB3 FW>=29 SC>=6.2.x Transporter FW>=10 SC>=6.5 2008-07-26

The blaster wires I have are from the Microsoft USB remote/receiver kit, the connector has 3.5mm "mono" type with one black ring.

2009-02-07, 15:07
Got it working :-) Couple of quirks though it learns the code however it doesn't copy the actual ramping up/down of original remotes, on one it does 1 step, I have to press it again it again. Also learnt it again and ramps up about 6dB. I may have to manually enter hex values.

Also because I've been entering in lots of commands/devices I have a mess of profile, wish I can just delete the lot- but in root so probably require telnet access, unless the plugin is updated to allow further remote profile adjustment.

dammit got a hex value but IR blaster does not allow you to manually enter in hex value, you must learn it. One way around that is to learn a code, then open the .conf file after you logged in with telnet. When I edit the file and paste over the values, save and reload in IR blaster nothing happens.

I've tried several times to learn, it does work but very steppy rather than smooth constant rotary action, on either amps.