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2009-02-06, 05:31

I am fairly new into the world of computer and audio integration...

I have one strange problem. Some songs I have in multiple versions, like:
Paul McCartney - Frog Song
Paul McCartney - Frog Song (Choir Version)
In that case my Transporter mix the files up and if I ask for the first it playes the second and vice versa. Both files seems to be playing fine by the way...

If I search for music it always goes through the "no album" stage (because most of my music are not albums), is it possible to skip this step if there is "no album", so it goes from artist to "all" tracks directly?

Also I would like to know how you can make the Transporter stop automaticly after the currently played song, if possible except for those in a "real" album, like Jean-Michel Jarre's - Oxygene which I like to play as an CD would...

Do you need m3a files in order to play an album in the right order, if they are tagged properly? Or does the Transporter recognize the tracknumber from the ID tag and plays them from 1-99?

Not a Transporter related question, but how would you tag an album? "Jean-Michel Jarre - Oxygene" or "Oxygene"?

Would it also be possible that the left display shows artist and the right display shows title? I've read some difficult threads about this and it would need a plug-in?


2009-02-06, 06:52
Sorry I can’t answer your Transporter questions :-(

I also have some duplicate songs (multiple MP3, or FLAC+MP3) but those are played as they should be. Did you try a "Clear library and rescan everything"?

Re Jean Michel Jarre:
There are different "fields" (also called "tag frames") for things like "artist", "title", "album title", etc. In most tagging software, these have similar names.

I have this album tagged as (excerpt):

ALBUMARTIST=Jean Michel Jarre
ARTIST=Jean Michel Jarre
ARTISTSORT=Jarre, Jean Michel

The tracks have different names (and numbers) of course:
TITLE=Oxygène, Part 1
and so on.

As you can see, I like to also store the artist's "sort names", because SqueezeCenter (and other software) can use these.

In Album Views, SC will (dis)play tracks sorted by their number that you have set in the tags. (This does not apply when browsing Music Folders.)

2009-02-25, 14:17
Hi Moonbase,

Thanks for your answer! That is some seriously tagging you are doing! How would you tag a double CD like "War of the Worlds"?