View Full Version : Losing connection to Slimserver

2009-02-03, 10:43
After changing my wireless encryption I have this problem. The player seems to lose the connection and it can't find it so I have to reinstall it. Then everything works just fine.
Also, the installation works without problems. Everything is setup, I just run it through, and then it works again.

Any ideas why it does like this ?

Ross L
2009-02-04, 14:05
Could you share some details? What router? What encryption? The more information you give us the more likely we'll be able to offer some help. :-)

2009-02-04, 14:24
Siemens SE551
Slimserver 6.5.2 (worked before so don't think it's because of old version)
Signal strength around 80-85%

I've noticed that it can lose the connection anytime. During play or just when trying to startup...

Ross L
2009-02-04, 14:25
What firmware is on your router? I think you should consider upgrading to our current version of SqueezeCenter.


2009-02-04, 14:30
Router firmware: v1.608

Little sceptical of upgrading the server as I've had some bad experience after doing that in the past.

How stable is that now ? Does most plugins work ? (LastFM most important)

Ross L
2009-02-04, 14:31
You can always downgrade if you're not happy.


2009-02-04, 14:55
Updated both router firmware and updated Slimserver to Squeezecenter.
Let's see how it goes :)