View Full Version : Slim shuts down after a period of inactivity

2004-05-03, 11:18
Good afternoon everyone,

I am hoping someone can help me with a recent problem I am having with my
nearly year old Slim player.

I am running the 5.1.5 version of the server on a W2K Pro box with a PII
500 Mhz processor and 384 M of RAM, with a collection of over 20000 songs
- not a power house but a system that has always worked well for my Slim
server. The player is running the 2.2 firmware.

Over the last few weeks, the player has shut down completely - the screen
become blank and not responding to either the Web interface, CLI or the
remote control. At first, I thought that the server had crashed (it is a
headless machine sitting in the basement). I would do a reboot of the
server, power cycle the player and get going again.

However, I have realized that it is not the server but the player which
shuts down. The only way to get it going again is to power cycle the
little bugger, which solves the problem.

I think I first saw this behavior with 5.1.4 but I am not sure.

It sometimes takes a few hours to shut down, other time it will sit
hapilly for 12-16 hours before dying. I never has done it while playing
.... until this morning :(

In the middle of a track, it shut down requiring a power cycle. The
server continued playing the track as if nothing was wrong ???

Does anyone have any idea what could be wrong ?

It is the server ? (I somehow doubt it now, but what do I know)

Is it the player ? (As I am perilously close to the end of my warranty
period - I would love to solve this soon and either rule out a hardware
problem or deal with it before the warranty is over ... May 6th)

What can I do to solve or track down the problem ?

Thanks in advance.