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Declan Moriarty
2009-02-01, 11:23

I have installed SqueezeCentre on my PC to test if it will work OK. I had heared that it had problems with Microsoft .NET framework. So for no problems there.

Using SoftSqueeze to play MP3 files produces hissing. I have the internal volume up to the highest point in SoftSqueeze to try to get rid of the hiss. It hisses on everything as far as I can tell.

I have some WAV files with a sample rate of 11kHz that are played very fast as to be unplayable. Note that internet radio also has hissing. The "Staff Picks" selection definatly does.

SoftSlave also suffers from this.

I have a Windows PC:-

Windows XP SP3
AMD Athlon 64 2.06GHz
2.00Gb RAM
300Gb Hard Drive (279Gb Usable).
AC'97 Audio with standard stereo speakers.
MP3's encoded at 192kbps for Rockboxed iAudio X5.

Not that the MP3 files play OK (no hissing) in WMP 11 and Media Player Classic. The WAV files play OK also and don't speed up.

This is rather worrying since the SqueezeBox 3 appears to be the best internet radio/streamer on the market. I am registered blind and it has the best display. The reviews are always glowing. The Duet remote control sounds as though it will be dreadful to use. (Too small fonts). The SB3 is cheaper than the Asus Eee PC (with Windows XP). The Eee PC has a nasty keyboard.

I had hoped that the Audio of the SB3 was good. If it is going to hiss when playing MP3's and not play all WAV files properly (Also hissing on FLAC files), this is not good.

I shall have to wait for something else to come allong in the Internet Radio/Streamer line (not very hopefully since Things Have Got Worse since SB3 (Duet)).

Thank you for your attention.

P.S. I was able to see a Sonos remote control working and it was dreadful. The fonts were tiny and the background colour was not very contrasty. I hate the iPhone because you can't change the font size, so that is out. The Nokia 770 option sounds interesting although I would have to fork out for Zooms to make it work.

Note that with the SB3 none of this would be necessary, but if the audio is lousy why bother. I hope I am wrong about that last statement!

Heres to tryong again to get this posted, these forums log you out tithout warning - very anoying!

2009-02-01, 11:37
Declan, I sent you a private message which may be of some use. I suspect that there is something else going on as I certainly do not find that Softsqueeze causes any problems.

First off, the audio quality of the SB3 is superb. No worries on that score.

I use the latest version of Squeezecenter which you can download from:

For Windows, choose the .exe file.
I would also download Squeezeplay from the same location. You'll find the fonts on Squeezeplay very much to your liking: nice and big. Softsqueeze is no longer supported.

There are loads of people here who will work with you to get whatever problems you have sorted. I use .flac rather than .mp3 so am not up to speed with what goes on with that animal.

If you download Squeezecenter, make sure that you go into Settings, Advanced. Then select Extension Downloader from the dropdown menu. Click on AlienBBC there and it will add to your radio stations. It has a load of stations on it not just BBC (included are all the RTE ones etc). Once you install it you need to restart Squeezecenter to get AlienBBC working. The first time you try a BBC station or an RTE one it take s a wee while to load up. Afterwards, that delay will not occur.

Declan Moriarty
2009-02-01, 13:28
The version of SqueezeCenter is 7.3.2 (The latest compiled version).
The version of SoftSqueeze is 3.7

I can't download SqueezePlay since it isn't available. The only way to get is is to build it from scratch.

I have LAME on my system. Where does SqueezeCenter look for it? SqueezeCenter says I don't have it!

Good to hear that the real SqueezeBox 3 doesn't have problems with audio.

Is SqueezePlay the same software as runs on the Duet remote? If so does this mean that the fonts on the Duet are large, or can be made to be large?

Thanks again.

Declan Moriarty.

2009-02-01, 15:08
Declan, go to the URL I gave you (copied below) and download 7.3.3 from there. It is perfectly stable, said the bishop to the actress. You will see Squeezeplay on the same page. It is available, but Beta - and works fine.


Squeezeplay is basically the software version of the Duet Controller software. It works on your computer screen, and because the screen is so much larger than the Duet controller screen, the fonts are BIG.

I'm out of Ireland until late Tuesday eve but if you want I'll be happy to talk to you on phone, if it will be of any help.

If you follow the instructions I gave earlier for installing AlienBBC it will save you a lot of trouble. The Extension Downloader takes all the pain out of the installation. I won't say Trust Me, but you can:-)