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Kevin Hawkins
2004-05-03, 10:31
Things aren't going well... I now cant access shares from the service or
standard exe version using the nighly build :-(

Am I right in believing that the 'start automatically' option when you
install defines whether the service or normal application version is running
? .. and if you have previously installed a service version can you uncheck
'start automatically' to revert to a standard application ?

Having had the problem below I reverted to the standard application
as I couldn't access my shares after an update using the service and it hung
XP. The normal application version ran OK however. Now I updated to the
latest 3rd May (non service) version and I have the same problem with both
standard and service, I can't access shares. Is something changing here of
recent date ??

How can I tell which version is running (service or standard app) -
I don't see an application running in task manager under either (unless the
web browser is open) - however I don't see a 'service' in Windows services
either which I take to mean that it's running as a standard application. I
do see processes of slim.exe and slimserver.exe running though...

What is changing that is messing up a previous install (with shares)
that worked OK , and how do I get it working again ??


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> I downloaded and upgraded my installation to the latest
> nightly of 29th April - previous version was probably a
> week earlier happily running as a service. Now when I
> start XP it is quite strange. The server boots but no
> longer recognises the shares that I have in the library
> folder. If I navigate into them I note they are 'empty'.
> Thinking this was the old issue with the service not
> having network priveledges I checked and also reset the
> account under which the service runs to an admin account.
> No change.
> One other thing... Although SlimServer & XP boots and I
> can interact with the desktop I can't interact with the
> taskbar at the bottom of the screen - as soon as I move
> the cursor over the taskbar area eg the 'Start'
> menu it hourglasses. If I invoke task manager the whole
> taskbar disappears never to return - if I choose
> shutdown/restart then I am told explorer.exe is non
> responsive and has to be quit manually. If I stop slim.exe
> through the service manager it all comes back to life again.
> I have also had a message along the lines of 'couldn't
> find task to quit' or something similar when I quite
> SlimServer and chose 'yes' to stop the server too.
> I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling a few times
> with similar results so I have now had to do the install
> as an application rather than a service which works
> fine... Any ideas ??
> K

2004-05-03, 10:48
Quoting Kevin Hawkins <lists (AT) ukusa (DOT) demon.co.uk>:

> What is changing that is messing up a previous install (with shares)
> that worked OK , and how do I get it working again ??

I'm sorry that I dont have any suggestions to help you fix things. I can,
however, at least let you know what it likely the cause. In the last week, the
information caching system has undergone a major conversion to handling every
file /playlist/etc as a URL instead of UNC, file/path, url, etc. This should
greatly simplify the scanning routines, but there have been some issues getting
all URLS converted. If your shares are referenced by UNC path, then this would
be very similar to another post, to which Dean replied that he had something on
the go to fix it.

If you do regularly install nightly builds, I highly recommend joining the
checkins mailing list. Even if you aren't familiar with Perl, you will be aware
via the checkin comments of all changes. This would be the best way to decide
if upgrading is right for you, or if you might want to hold off a few days until
the new stuff is tested.