View Full Version : Any advantages to a second SB-dedicated wireless network?

2009-01-31, 09:47
Hello experts,

I have been running a SB2/linear power supply/DAC from an airport extreme base station for several years with an all Mac system (airport upstairs, SB downstairs). I just got a 1 TB Time Capsule to back up all of our laptops wirelessly (and it also has an airport extreme base station). All works fine, but the signal can be weak at times.

So now I have an extra base station which I could setp up downstairs as a closed network between the SB, my laptop, and a dedicated music hard drive. It would not even need to be on the net, since I can use Squeeze network for internet radio.

Would there be any advantage to this setup? Alternatively, I can just plug the music hard drive into the TIme Capsule upstairs.

BTW, any reason to upgrade to a newer SB?



2009-01-31, 10:13
If signal strength is an issue and you can increase that with the dedicated AP, then that's an obvious advantage. Note that if you want to use SN the player has to be able to get to the outside world, so you may want to connect the two networks together (I have several APs around the house all on the same logical network).

On the upgrade question, the SB2 is generally considered the best player in weak signal situations due to the combination of large buffer (same as SB3) and external antenna.

2009-01-31, 11:57
Unless you're getting dropouts, adding an AP won't do anything. It could also make it worse by increasing the wifi noise floor if you're not careful about which channels you're using.

If you're just looking at the wifi signal strength, ignore it. The thing you really want to do is run the network test.

2009-01-31, 19:19

I was thinking more along the lines of the fact the the AP we have is always in use with the various laptops, and if a dedicated SB network (with attached music HD) might be better. We can pick up 5-6 neighbors networks at any given time, so did not think it would ad much to noise.