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2009-01-31, 08:18
As I have no wireless internet access in my sitting room and this is where my PC is, I've installed Squeezebox by connecting it directly to my PC's internal wireless card. I can play music from the PCs Music Library fine onto my hi-fi.

However I cannot access the SqueezeNetwork or Radio stations.

I understand that to do this the Squeezebox needs to connect to a wireless router or access point that has a direct internet connection. My problem is that my wireless signal doesn't reach this room.

HOWEVER the PC mentioned above and that I have connected directly to Squeezebox via its own wireless card does have a hardwired ethernet connection to the internet, and can access this source fine.

Is there any way to configure the Squeezebox to know that it can get to the internet via this route, or am I stuffed? Seems odd that it can't make use of a perfectly good internet connection via this route (and I accept the PC will have to be on when I want to use this facility).

Anyone have a similar experience or help they could share?



2009-01-31, 09:04
I think it should be as simple as :
1/ Enable IP routing on your PC, so that traffic coming from the wireless card can be forwarded to the wired one
2/ Tell your SB that its gateway is your PC's wireless IP address
Don't ask me how to get 1/ working on your machine anyway. ;)

2009-01-31, 09:45
Thanks - good points.

Where I've typed PC read Mac.

Maybe you know how to do what you suggest in 1) on a Mac??

Mark Lanctot
2009-02-03, 13:44
Don't know anything about Macs, but what you want to do is "bridge" the wired connection to the wireless connection.

This bridging uses different terms on different systems, I don't know what Mac uses, but it's almost certainly included in the OS.

2009-02-03, 14:09
Instead of creating an ad-hoc computer wireless network try this:

Go to the 'sharing' option under the system preferences, and choose to share your ethernet internet connection with users on airport. You can define a network name and password here.

That should do it!

2009-02-04, 11:59
Thanks for this information - I found the internet sharing option, and now the SB is connecting to the ethernet card via the Airport. Very straightforward once I knew where to find it.

However, despite this, I still get 'connection timeout' when trying to access the internet radio, and 'cant find address for squeeze network' when trying to connect to Squeeze network. But I can access my music on the Mac fine. And I can access the Squeeze Network from my browser on the Mac fine as well.

I'm going to check whether the router is blocking anything, but apart from that, not sure what else to do. Someone on another forum mentioned that if you have a PPPoE broadband connection this could cause a problem, but as the connection is going via the same ethernet port as a browser connection, not sure its relevant.

Any ideas much appreciated.



2009-02-04, 20:22
PPPoE and SqueezeNetwork works for me (Maybe this is more an ISP issue on how they implement this if it's a problem ).

2009-02-05, 18:03
Can't you configure the SB to access internet radio through SC rather than go directly to the internet?