View Full Version : L & R channels swapped [or rather swapping :-O]

Mike Reeve
2004-05-03, 07:20

Another observation that may help ...
.... a few pause/un-pause operations on the remote
seems to relaibly swap the channels from one side to the other.

Sometimes it's one cycle of pause/un-pause,
sometimes it two, three or more cycles BUT
the channels will always swap after just a few cycles ...


>Further to my earlier e-mail,
>even with Firmware Version 22 installed
>the channels do still swap randomly from side to side ... :-O
>Regards + happy debugging!

Peter Speck
2004-05-04, 02:42

Firmware 23. Using cvs from this morning (CET).

Made a test album with:
1) mp3
2) aiff
3) aiff

The two aiff files are identical, except for ID3 info. The mp3 is
created from the aiff (which is a left/right test file using static
noise, 16/44100).

I can't get pause/unpause to swap channels.

But using the fwd remote button (skip to next song), swaps channels
when going from song #1 to #2 every 3-4-5 times. The 'swapness' of
song #3 is the same as #2 (if #2 was swapped so is #3, if #2 was
correct, so is #3).

It never swaps channels for the mp3 file.

- Peter Speck