View Full Version : itunes playlist question

Mitchell Kreuch
2004-05-02, 19:34
i just purchased a squeezebox - it is awesome. easy
to install, intuitive, etc...blows away all

one issue that i haven't seen discussed that i can't
figure out (unless i haven't gone back far enough in
the archive) has to do with itunes playlists.

i keep all of my mp3's in a separate internal drive
(F:) and point itunes to that folder as my "library."
i also point the slimserver there with no problems.
for some reason, when i point slimserver to the itunes
folder for playlists, it doesn't find them. i've
tried pointing slimserver to several different folders
from the itunes folder in "my documents" to the
library folder on the F: drive, etc...and it doesn't
read them.

what am i doing wrong here? is there a FAQ that has
itunes related questions that can be referenced as the
instructions on the site are slim (no pun intended).

thanks in advance for your help.