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2009-01-30, 01:44
Step one. I ripped a lot of my CDs to FLAC and realised that was the way forward.

Step two. I bought a decent but inexpensive DAC (a Beresford)

Step three. I bought a SB3 to get rid of the noisy Shuttle PC from the lounge and to sidestep re sampling and other sound card issues.

BUT if find I spend far more time listening to Classical Internet Radio. Radio Bartok at 320Kb/s is very nice, but Classic FM at 128, Radio 3 at 128 and a few others are very pleasant to listen to and generally better than my Quad FM Tuner.

The FLAC are clearer and cleaner, but I do enjoy the pot-luck of radio, and with so many classical channels to choose from if something comes on air not to my taste or my mood I just flip channels.

Now to the point. A lot is may of the bitrate/quality issue, but what is the sampling rate used in the transmissions? If the majority of output is from CD and the transmission is not at that rate we are back in the resampling quagmire - but I guess with compressed formats, there is less to be lost.

So what sampling frequency is used, and what are the losses involved?

But I still enjoy the streamed radio stations.

2009-01-30, 02:52
Don't forget the format as well. On some stations I prefer AACplus to MP3 even if AACplus is a lower speed stream.

2009-01-30, 07:54
Sample freq is a key factor in determining bitrate (obviously) so you'll find some very low bitrate stations will use 22.05kHz. In my experience anything decent (96kbps+) will usually use 44.1kHz. The SB should tell you though, I think it's in the stream info display.