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Rob Ryan
2004-05-02, 15:21
Hi Karl,

This might be of some help....
I had a similar problem to you... Herz what slim said....

I think you may be running into a bug we had in the Shoutcast plugin in
v5.1.5. What happened was when you attempted to connect to a radio station,
we tried to write a file that contained the URLs to the most recently
played/favorite radio stations, and we were incorrectly handling the file.
Can you try this with the latest nightly build of the server software and
let me know if it cures the problem for you?

You can download the latest nightly from:


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Linux SuSE 9.0, Slimp3, SlimServer 5.1.5, latest Shoutcast.pm.

When I choose a Shoutcast stream, the server dies.

In all other respects, the system behaves itself.


Regards, K.

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