View Full Version : Playing from a playlist starts off on wrong track

Mark Lanctot
2009-01-29, 08:45
For a long time now I've noticed the playlist seems to be one track behind.

Say my playlist is A, B, C, D. I play A, B and C. I stop track C partway through and turn off the player. When I turn on my player, I would expect it to play C...but it starts playing B - the previous track played to completion.

Is this a matter of personal preference, or is it just wrong? I think it's wrong - I already heard B, I don't want to hear it again. I want to hear C, which didn't complete playing last time.

This also applies if I stop it before C even starts playing. Provided B played to completion, I STILL don't want to hear B again, I want to hear C.

Hopefully I've explained this clearly enough, because I've been thinking of writing a bug report but I don't know if I'm explaining it clearly!

2009-01-29, 13:04
I've seen something similar. Especially when using sleep at end of song. Recently I've also seen the playlist picking up one or two songs AFTER the one I stopped it on. It's not consistent so I haven't reported anything. But it only seems to happen on my Boom that is controlled with the Controller. I don't think my other Boom does it, but I don't pay attention to the playlist as closely on that one... usually just hit my Favorites dynamic playlist.

Mark Lanctot
2009-01-29, 13:12
This behaviour is consistent. It's on my SB2 and I see it after I turn it off, then on the next day.