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Charles Stanton
2004-05-02, 12:04

Thanks for the response and I certainly look forward to the having open wep
available! (We sell the squeezebox and have actually had to change out the
cisco 340 bse to accomadate it........it does not make customers
happy...)(they are like: you sold us the Cisco to begin with, now you say it
is incompatible with this great device.........). So it is what is, but the
sooner the better.

I only write all this because I think you guys have a killer product and
just want to help improve it!

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Hi Charles,

On May 1, 2004, at 8:40 AM, Charles Stanton wrote:
> 1. The squeezebox should absolutely support 128-bit Open
> Authentication for static WEP. It does not. I have brought this to
> the attention of slimdevices, and have not received any response
> (Kevin?). Industry leader Cisco says Shared Key Authentication is
> the worst in terms of WEP. So what gives here?? May I say it seems
> stupid to me not to take heed of this obvious suggestion. I pointed
> out for example that legacy devices like Cisco’ s 340 Base Station
> have hard coded Open WEP only, Did not get a response. The Cisco
> 1100 series allows Open Key WEP with WPA Migration mode: but does not
> allow any Shared Key. I also raised this ---no response. So I
> have no idea what slimdevices is thinking, or maybe not thinking.
> Patrick is not responsive, that is for sure.
Sorry you didn't get a response from Patrick. I'll try to summarize

Originally, Squeezebox shipped with Open Key Authentication, then Apple
switched to Shared Key with no option to switch it back on their base
stations. Since such a large fraction of our customers use Apple
Airport base stations, we switched as well, knowing that most other
access points provided it as an option. Now the industry tide is
moving away from Open Key, so we'll be providing support for that soon.
(My new home access point is Open only, so you can be assured it's an
issue for me too!)

> 2. I also made the suggestion that the squeezebox should plan
> making WPA Pre-shared Key available soon. Also no response.
It just wasn't possible until we moved to the new version of the
firmware OS that's in the 20+ version firmware, currently in
pre-release. Now that we've moved to that new version we can add that
option. It's in our plans, stay tuned.

> The key issue is: will the squeezebox wireless device keep up with
> Wi-Fi standards, or must we assume that the home network use the least
> secure option provided by squeezebox?
We're trying to keep up. Sorry it's taking longer than we all would