View Full Version : Duet & Live365 - Should I buy? Help!

2009-01-28, 09:34
This is a very useful set of forums, I've spent a good bit of time reading specifically through all the Duet issues. Seems like there are a significant number of issues: stability, reliability, etc. I'm considering buying the Duet, main reason being its supposed to seamlessly work with Live 365 subscriptions. So I'd be able to stream Live365 stations along with the 5000+ songs in my music database, primarily resident in my iTunes d/b (MacBook Pro).

Pretty discouraging though to read about these various problems being experienced with the Duet. Should I buy? Is it worth waiting? Its a gift for someone, so I really want to get it right! Any help would be MUCH appreciated!

2009-01-28, 10:58
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