View Full Version : View albums by Artist on SB2?

2009-01-27, 21:11
I can't seem to set my SB2 to show Albums sorted alphabetically by Artist. They're shown alphabetically by Album Name.

I have the web interface set to show Albums sorted by Artist. I can't seem to find anything in Settings that will allow my player to display Albums that way.

I must be overlooking something...? Any help?


2009-01-27, 21:18
If you select to view by Artist, you can then pick an artist, and it will show you all the albums by that artist. Is that what you're trying to see?

2009-01-27, 21:24
Actually, no.

Music Library --> Albums

is what I was referring to.

2009-01-28, 02:18
I guess you could use the ALBUMSORT tag (which is used instead of the ALBUM tag in order to sort your albums). I personally like to have my albums ordered by artist, then date (oldest albums first, newest last), so I set my ALBUMSORT tag to : artist year album (the album is here in case they have released 2 albums on the same year ^^).

in order to do that easily you can use MP3Tag, and set a new action (convert menu -> actions). here you want to create a new group of actions, and in this group an action you'll call "albumsort" for example. the type of the action will be "format value". Put "ALBUMSORT" as a field and "%artist% %year% %album%" as the format string.
Then you only have to apply this action to your chole collection (try it on a few albums first to make sure it doesn't mess up with anything) and you're good !

PS : of course if you prefer your albums to be sorted alphabetically and not by date, just use "%artist% %album%" ;-)

2009-01-28, 17:44
That'll work, thanks.

I thought there would just be a simple setting to change somewhere, like there is in the web interface.