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2009-01-27, 05:26
I've recently purchased a SB Classic. Unfortunatly it seems that the wireless connection keeps dropping down. Once connected I get a few minutes to enjoy my music collection. Once connection drops it's typically also not possble to reconnect for a while.

I have made comparison tests with two separate laptops and scanner software to measure signal strenght and signal strength is listed as 'good'. All components are running with lastest FW. I have tested all the tricks listed in FAQ and still having problems.

What is the problem? Does SB only work with specific routers - it sure didn't mention that on the package?

To summarize:
- DI-524 running in G mode with latest FW (2.07)
- Network configured with WEP 64 bit
- No other wireless devices (neighborghood) using the same channel
- IP assign using DHCP/fixed works ok
- All other wireless components works ok

Mark Lanctot
2009-01-27, 06:55

Do dropouts happen when your microwave is turned on? Do you have a cordless phone? Do you know if your neighbours do?

Sadly that's the case around where I live. I used to have a rock-solid wireless network but over Christmas someone around here got some new gadget that knocks my wireless network off the air for about 5-10 minutes a couple of times a day now.

2009-01-27, 07:25
Thanks for your reply.

Well such disturbances will be difficult to track. I can at least say it's not our cordless (it's bust) nor our microwave. Nor can I see any problems with my laptops - wich should also be affected if it is a general disturbance.

Is there any SW to scan the network and see if there are any disturbances?
I've used Netstumbler but I'm not sure if you can see wireless interference with it.

2009-01-27, 07:42
My advice to you would be to wire it if you can. I had many issues with SB3 until I ran a CAT5 cable and connected. Since then; no problems!

2009-01-27, 07:43
Look for other devices on the same Channel as yours. If you see any try changing from the default (6) to either 1 or 11.
I would also look into changing my encryption mode. WEP security can be cracked fairly quickly now days. Not only that but it uses a fair amount of overhead traffic between your devices. Check and see if you can use WPA or WPA2 with your router.
For what its worth my old router was a DI624 and I never had issues with it. Never used it with WEP though.