View Full Version : SB3 network bridge dropping connection

2009-01-26, 11:33
I recently enabled the wireless network bridge option on my SB3 and connected it to my new blu-ray player. It works like a charm to stream Netflix to my TV, but every time I turn the blu-ray player on, I have to redo the “setup networking” on my SB to allow the blu-ray player to access the internet again. This is really annoying, and was wondering if this is by design, or do I have something configured improperly? I am wondering if I should use a static IP for the Blu-ray instead of DHCP.

SB firmware is 121 / Squeezcenter 7.3.1 / Linksys WRT 54G router / DHCP enabled on SB and Blu-ray.


2009-03-04, 23:19
I would be quite interested if this got resolved with the latest firmware. I am thinking about connecting my bluray player to the bridge as well.

any other issues I should consider (i.e. performance)



2009-03-05, 07:13
Bridging in general works fine, the one area which is sometimes problematic is DHCP, and it's usually a limitation of the router/dhcp server in question rather than the SB. A static IP therefore may well help.

2009-03-05, 12:27
Thanks. I will get myself a cross-over cable and give it a shot.