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2009-01-26, 00:06
I have noticed some strange behaviour recently when changing music source. I have only been using duet for a couple of weeks (I think it is superb btw) and I'm sure initially, when I changed music source, I would get a message - "Connecting to 'music source'" followed by a message - "Connecting to 'Player name'". This would take 10 - 15 secs.
Recently, this changed. I still get the message - "Connecting to 'Music source'" but now it is followed by a message "Updating player firmware". The player does seem to be going through an update as the light on the front is flashing white followed by several colours before returing to solid white. This process takes about a minute but the change is successful at the end. I have tried powering off both the controller and receiver but has made no difference. Haven't tried a full reset.
Only other change I have made recently is to upgrade squeezecenter software from 7.3.1 to 7.3.2.
Anyone any ideas?


2009-01-26, 07:32
That's happening because your two music sources are running different versions of SqueezeCenter. Player firmware is matched to versions of the SC software. So when you switch from the older SC to the newer SC, the player automatically updates its firmware to match the new SC. And when you switch back from the newer SC to the older SC, the player automatically "updates" its firmware to match, except in this case "updating" is actually going backwards to the older firmware.

If you are switching between two different local SC installations, you can avoid this by upgrading both at the same time. It this happens when switching between your local SC and SqueezeNetwork, you should update to the latest SC software, because that is what SN runs. But since you're already running 7.3.2, I assume that's not the case.

2009-01-26, 14:55
Many thanks for the feedback. I have only upgraded one music source to 7.3.2 and the other is still running 7.3.1. Sounds like it is the problem.