View Full Version : Mp3 Streaming won't stream

2009-01-25, 12:19
Running Debian Linux. (Normal SC operation to SB3 and Duet work fine)

If I use an mp3 collection streaming works.
Using the flac collection I get connection but no output.

Lame is installed and Squeezecenter indicates that it is.
I was advised to put lame in the Squeezecenter bin folder. The closest I can find is /usr/share/squeezecenter/Bin. I have put copy of lame there and in /usr/sbin where the squeezecenter-server script is located. I restarted SC after I made these changes. I still can't get any mp3 streaming with my flac collection.

What am I missing?

I have read the wiki and it doesn't seem like it should be too complicated to set up.