View Full Version : FFW in Squeezebox - Version: 7.3.2 - 24695

2009-01-24, 06:38
I've scanned the forum and this issue was supposed to be resolved by 7.3. (FFW on WMA files)

My library consists of WMA Lossless files - am I doing something wrong on my end ?

2009-01-26, 05:03
Where did you see that this was supposed to be supported in SC 7.3?

Seeking is not supported for WMA files. See bug 9713 (http://bugs.slimdevices.com/show_bug.cgi?id=9713).

2009-01-27, 14:38
I was obviously seeing in the future on this one. :)

.. my bad

2009-01-27, 14:44
FWIW, given that the problem seems to be one of patents and licensing, it may be considerably faster to convert your library to FLAC (or something else) than to hang your hopes on this bug.