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2009-01-22, 15:34
My primary system (below) mixes the best of the old and new. Updated pics enclosed below.

2009-01-23, 02:11
Simply great!

Btw: What's that blue light beneath the cupboard?

2009-07-11, 23:47
It is cool, I like very much.

softsea reviews (http://www.softsea.com)

2009-07-12, 02:01
Bet it gets warm enough to bake bread in that cupboard..!

2009-07-12, 07:30
Since the mono amps pull out all the way heat is not an issue on the lower level. On the upper level, I have 3 ultra quiet CoolComponents fans sucking air out of the cabinet. Of course, I wished I did not have the spousal requirements to hide everything in the cabinet. A nice open rack would be great. In the meantime, this solution allows for beautiful music. Maybe, in another life..

2010-02-13, 23:23
Did you get the transporter modified?
Who did the modification?

2010-02-13, 23:44

2010-08-05, 10:29
I'd need to find a "Rich Woman" to be able to afford all that gear.

2010-08-07, 06:41
My 1950 and 21st century system mix.

Logitech Squeezebox Classic feeding a Benchmark DAC into Rega Cursa3
Quad II
Quad ESL 57


2010-09-12, 20:10
We recently moved and as part of my agreement to move, I wrestled approval from my wife to get a 'real' equipment rack and (almost) an entire wall in the living room for my Hifi stuff. Hence, the system shown at the very top has changed, specifically the rack, amp stands (Steve Blinn Design), the preamp, and the power conditioner.

2010-09-13, 06:18
nice. btw, how does one get the bitrate display?

2010-09-13, 07:03
Use the Music Information Screen plugin by Michael Herger.

2010-09-13, 21:13
The MIS can be a little tricky to set up. I have screen shots of the successful settings on the appropriate screens if you are interested.

2010-09-16, 02:48
It's so cool !!!

2010-09-17, 13:12
The MIS can be a little tricky to set up. I have screen shots of the successful settings on the appropriate screens if you are interested.

would love to see them- can you post here, or email to me through the board?

2010-09-17, 20:23
One more pic since it shows beautiful original artwork (Manhattan Beach Pier at sunset) created by my very talented sister in law Jennifer.

2010-09-17, 21:00
Next targeted upgrade is a pair of white Avantgarde Uno Nanos. Last step will be a pair of Audio Note 300B mono blocks, only to be followed by a vinyl set-up (Transrotor Fat Boy). Given the slow 'spousal approval rate' this will probably take 5 years to accomplish...

2010-09-18, 07:01
That is an absolutely beautiful setup. I can only assume that the sound it produces is as stunning as the visual it presents.

My only is issue is that the power conditioner is strictly solid state. Doesn't anyone make a tubed power conditioner?

2011-02-05, 20:14
I have been busy..