View Full Version : how do i connect a PS3 to Transporter for stereo music and movies

2009-01-22, 13:22
Hi Does anyone know how to set my PS3 to do the following:

I have a PS3 which is mostly connected to my av amp optically to view movies or play games.
But I have a Slim Devices Transporter music server - which has a very good DAC built into it.
What I want to do is play my existing cdís on the PC3 connected optically to the Transporter as an external DAC, this then is connected to my Cyrus stereo amp.

What settings do I need on the PS3 to do this (this would be the same as any ext DAC used with the Playstaion) also I would like to play movies occasionally like this in stereo as well as music

2009-01-22, 15:32
Hi Jez

Not sure I understand the problem, you just put the CD in the PS3 slot?? :s

Bit more of an explanation required...