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Mike Reeve
2004-05-01, 08:15
Hi kdf

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>Subject : [slim] DAC silence output problem back.....
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>Quoting Mike Reeve <reeve_mike (AT) hotmail (DOT) com>:
>> ...
>> I also agree with you and others that this transcoding should be an
>> not a built in default behaviour
>> - moreover, it seems to me that now that the FileTypes setup page has
been introduced
>> this 'feature' is redundant and so can be removed ...
>That's the point, but it needs more work so that the solution isn't to
>mp3 output completely. This isn't a nice thing for owners of both slimp3
>squeezebox. This allows power users to get the most out of their system,
>still providing the best out of the box experience for the general user.


The SqueezeBox is a GREAT mass-market product
and hopefully it will be a massive success in that market!

[Although I am not yet ready to join the developer group,
I do download the latest nightly every morning in the hope that I can add to
the testing/bug spotting process,
as a very small contribution to making it that success ... :-)]

At the same time, it has real potential for use in high-end audio systems.
However, being realistic, such use is likely to represent but a tiny faction
of its sales.
Thus I can accept that occasionally the set up procedure
for getting what high-end systems need out of it
may be more difficult/clumsy than for 'ordinary' users
or that the implementation of features specific to high-end systems is given
a lower priority.
All that I would like to ask is that
any future developments do not exclude its continued high-end use.
That having been said, nothing that I have seen so far
gives me any fears that this is, or might be, the case
- THANKS SlimDevices and the SliverServer development community
for a GREAT nice-market product also!