View Full Version : itunes 4.5 - Saved Playlists broken

Jeff Hershauer
2004-04-30, 23:56
Upon downloading iTunes 4.5, I discovered that the SlimServer was no longer
displaying my Saved Playlists. It always said that it was still scanning my
system. This was with SlimServer version 4.5, which I had been using
happily since iTunes 4.0 came out last year. I downloaded the latest
SlimServer and upgraded my firmware, and unfortunately, the problem got
worse. Now, if I click on the Saved Playlists link in the Web interface, it
crashes my SlimServer.

I was expecting to see a bunch of ³iTunes 4.5 incompatibility² posts on this
discussion board, but maybe the problem is just on my system. Is there a
way for me to view an Error Log for the SlimServer...or turn some sort of
logging on if it isnıt on by default? Iım running Mac OS X 10.3.3.