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Langsam, Andy
2004-04-30, 11:37
well to say its not the fault of the squeezebox is not entirely true. it is
a b device which is older technology thus putting it in a newer technology
network will slow it down. at some point this is part of the quick
obsolescence of technology these days but to not have a Card bus approach or
a g capability is getting kind of old.

Andy Langsam


From: James Dunn [mailto:james.dunn (AT) hedgehog-house (DOT) co.uk]
Sent: Friday, April 30, 2004 1:59 AM
To: Slim Devices Discussion
Subject: [slim] Squeezebox and 802.11g


Having just installed a 108Mb 802.11g wireless network, I took a look
through the FAQ to see if the Squeezebox would be detrimental to the speed
of the network in any way (since it is a 802.11b device?)

Lo and behold, there is indeed a statement to the effect that the
performance of the network will be adversely affected by adding a
Squeezebox. Is this a hardware issue or firmware/software? If so, is there
any intention to address this issue?

That's a feature of the 802.11b/g protocols when inter-working. It's not a
fault in the Squeezebox.

James Dunn