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2009-01-19, 22:45
Hello SlimDevices-community ! Please, apologize my bad English ! But I have a problem, and I hope, someone here in this forum can help me !
My Transporter is over 2 Years old, and I never had a problem before !
Now i have the same Display Errorīs, like itīs described in BUG 1398. The
ScreenShots in this Bug (1398), show exact the Problem, that I have.
My Version is SqueezeCenter 7.0.1, Firmware of Transporter 50. I have it tested
also with SlimServer 6.5.1 and SqueezeCenter 7.3. The Problem is always there.
The most pixel errors are in the right Display.
The pixel position and intensity depends on the Dimmer State of the Display. If
it is not dimmed, the error isnīt present. The second criteria for the Error
is, what activity is in the right Display.
I have made many Xilinx and factory resets, without change .
I wouldnīt reopen Bug 1398, because, itīs an other product, and Hardware
architecture of the Transporter is certainly a bit different. I have create a new Bug for this - 10750.

2009-01-19, 22:53
I have no idea. Can you take a picture? There is a lot of information I could potentially get, based on the exact location and brightness of the pixels, how often they are blinking, correlation with other system activity, etc. The more information you can provide the better. Also, are you running any additional plugins, eg IR blasting?

This could be caused by a failing display board or other electrical phenomenon - perhaps a loose internal connection. It's unlikely to be a software bug unless there's something very unique about your setup that might be triggering it.

2009-01-19, 23:01
Hello Sean ! Thanks for you fast reply !!
The most pixel are in the right Display, at the left side. If the display slide (e.g. by pressing nw playing), then you can see it although between the slides. Theyīre always on the same position. When they get overide by, e.g. analyzer or text, and the text is gone, the pixel is flickering again. It is a low pulsing (can be 100Hz, I think, but not sure). Is the analyzer running, the pulsing is faster. The position is for every dimm status of the Display an other. If i donīt dimm the display, the pixels are gone. In the left display, I have it only noticed once.
My plugins are : MusicInfoSCR from M.Herger, CDPlugin, and this little Shutdown Server plugin. I donīt use IR-Blaster or something else. I donīt have made changes on my system for about 1 year.
I will take pictures at the next day.
Best wishes !

2009-01-20, 09:59
I think you will probably have to send it in for replacement.

2009-01-20, 11:30
This may merely be a faulty connection to the display panel. If you open the unit you can see a flat ribbon cable from the main board to the front panel. The cable may not be making proper contact or may not be seated properly. If have had display problems with my Transporter in the past and removing and re-attaching the cable sorted this out.
There is a black bar which you raise slightly to remove the cable. Clean the contacts with a contact cleaner (I used ProGold) and slide that cable back into the slot. Then press the black bar down to ensure that the cable connection is tight.
Hope that this sorts it out.


2009-01-20, 22:44
@ jose : Thanks for the tip !! My thoughts about the problem are going in the same direction. I will call Logitech-Support, because of the warranty time (2 years or 3 years). Then i will decide, what I do.

@seanadams : I have made some ScreenShots, in the attachement. The pixels are not always there, e.g. when i power on or connect to squeezecenter. But theyīre always at now play.., or normal titel screen. If i go in an other menu (e.g. Artist browse), they are gone. It makes also an difference, if the Trannsporter is playing music or not. The pixels are get flickering in different frequency, depending on play or pause.
Screen_2 is a little bit shaky. It is only 1 pixel !