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2009-01-19, 16:14
It would be nice if I had the option of providing the search words rather than using the ones found.

I've seen a number of cases in which the plugin didn't find anything, but I could easily find the album in amazon. (I then downloaded the cover art myself).

I think its just a matter of a disconnect between what gracenote returns to my rip program and what amazon will find.

2009-01-19, 16:35
I presume you're talking about my FindArt plugin.

Can you give me an example so I can see your specific problem.

Some points.

1. I was being lazy - initial version of plugin was mainly for personal use. There are a number of cases where the chosen doesn't work (e.g. title with accented characters) - I felt the work to implement generalised input was not worth the effort compared to the number of times I needed the facility.

2. For problem albums I found that by changing the search to use keywords and not titles and also min keyword length to say 5. This "loosens" the search parameters. Sometimes changing the amazon locale yields better results.

3. For next version, I am adding support for Squeezeplay (both desktop and controller) and also able to get to FindArt from the "Track Info" display so there will be no need to be playing a track. I think a search input box would not be in next version - my initial thoughts would be to load search box with the album title so use would be mainly removing words and so easier on Squeezeplay.

2009-01-20, 08:13
Thanks. I'm of course grateful for whatever you find time to do!

The albums did have foreign (accented) characters in the names. I did my amazon search with

composer-last-name conductor-last-name n

where n was the symphony number, and that worked.

I do use keyword search with 4 char min.

2009-01-20, 08:22
Can you give specific example of the album you had to search by hand.

The problem is I cannot figure out what encoding Amazon wants for accented characters and the documentation on the interface isn't explicit. The few examples I have with accents in the title of the album, the Amazon entries have dropped the accent. I don't know whether dropping the accent is the rule or just poor data entry.

2009-01-20, 09:21
Here is an example: "Zurück aus der Zukunft" by Extrabreit.

I've set amazon.de locale and tried all combinations of Title, Keyword and include artitst when searching. Min keyword is set to 4.

Amazon link would be: http://www.amazon.de/Zurück-aus-Zukunft-Extrabreit/dp/B0000084XR/ref=sr_1_9?ie=UTF8&s=music&qid=1232467800&sr=8-9
So I'm assuming (correctly ?) that they do have the cover art.

2009-01-20, 09:48
A little experimentation shows that I can retrieve if I substitute ü into %C3%BC when throwing the search URL in my browser.
Neither u (usually works in most searches) nor ü return search results.

Not sure how the handle that easily in Perl though.

2009-01-20, 10:08

I checked the encoding with the search API and the search found the records when using the %C3%BC encoding. I now need to create an album with a properly accented title and see where the coding is going wrong. I think the enccoding routine I chose uses the ü rather than %C3%BC (i.e. HTML rather than URI)

2009-01-20, 11:21
More info. After failing to get art via the plugin, I noticed that artist info shown in SC was gibberish - actually lots of chinese characters. I used id3v2 to fetch the title (which looked fine) and rewrite it.

I just tried the lookup again, and it worked. So it may not be your issue at all, but part of this character encoding issue I've always had.