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Darren White
2004-04-30, 12:28
Beware of the Adaptec 1200a. It is the bastard inlaw of the 2400a,
and has no real relation. The 2400a is a Real(tm) hardware raid card.
The 1200a is a dual channel ide adapter with software raid trickery. I
bought one for a linux server and got burned.. Or go with 3ware and
be well.

> If you can break the $100 barrier the Adaptec ATA RAID cards work extremely well. They appear as SCSI Raid controllers to Linux. I'm using the 2400A card under Linux with no problem (0/1) with 4 x 100 GB drives.
> David
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> > >My current 250gb raid mirror for all my MP3s is running on my windows
> > >box. I'd like to move it over to linux if I can and build a dedicated
> > >server for my squeezebox and home audio.
> > >
> > >Anyone have a recomendation for an IDE raid card that will work good
> > >with linux 2.4 kernel? It must do mirroring. My current card will only
> > >do striping but no mirroring in the 2.4 kernel (debian stable). Hence
> > >the reason it's in a windows box. I'd like to keep it under a hundred
> > >bucks if I can.
> >
> > The 3Ware and HighPoint are the best supported cards under Linux. In that order.
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