View Full Version : Softsqueeze and SSH keypairs

2009-01-19, 05:21
I've been a longtime Softsqueeze user using ssh just using password authentication. I'd like to lock down my server a little tighter and go to keypairs only, but Softsqueeze isn't going along with the program. If I set it to use a private key I generated with Putty it always prompts me for my password. Using the passphrase for the key fails, but if I use my password like I was before, it works. Since I've disabled password logins via ssh I am having to run Putty with the appropriate tunnels for Softsqueeze to work which is hardly ideal.

Before anyone has to point it out, yes, I know that Softsqueeze is being deprecated and will be replaced by Squeezeplay. Squeezeplay has a fatal flaw for me in that it needs udp for discovery (at this time) and ssh only tunnels tcp.

Getting back to Softsqueeze, am I doing something that is preventing Softsqueeze from using my key?

2009-01-23, 05:04
I figured out the problem finally. It seems that Softsqueeze doesn't like keys made by Putty, so I exported my private key as an OpenSSH key and everything is working.